A Short Story:  The Lil' Secret that Made McDonalds a $106 Billion Behemoth... 

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“Average increase in sales value is 20%. We have some promotions with almost 44% increase! Funnel creation is intuitive and very easy. It is so far the best support with unlimited flexibity.”
“We installed the plugin, set up 2 upsells for 2 different products and it was amazing to see the sales increase. We had about 25% of our customers taking upsells! This helped boost our monthly revenue substantially. Just having the ability to put beautiful, functional one time offers in front of a customer that just purchased is priceless"

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Jasper is the founder and managing partner of the Conversion Wizards. He is an expert at Conversion Rate Optimiztion. Recent clients of his include Microsoft Office 365, Survata (a YCombinator company) and Protalus (the fastest growing online footwear retailer in the US).
In past lives he was a Program Manager and Software Design Engineer at Microsoft. He attained is BS Degree in Computer Science and Economics at Yale University.

Managing Partner

Software Engineer


Bogdan has over 8 years of experience in 'full stack' software development and is an expert at PHP, WooCommerce and WordPress. He is the principal developer of the WooCurve plugin for 1-Click Upsells.
Bogdan  studied Physics at the National University of Technology Research in Kazakhstan.
Chris Mason has over a decade of experience in online retail and is a WooCommerce expert. He is also a gifted Direct Response Copywriter--his campaigns have generated tens of millions of dollars for clients. Chris attended Berry College in Georgia.

WooCommerce Consultant


Want to Do the 1-Click Upsells Yourself?

Take advantage of our Spring sale and get the WooCurve 1-Click-Upsell plugin for just $197 ($100 off).


Make as as many one-time offers to your cusomers as you want. Offer 1-Click-Upsells OR down-sells based on the product or category of products they are buying.
Example: If you sell guitars offer a pack of guitar strings for a special, one time, price.
Your customers NEVER have to re-enter their credit card information.  It's as simple as "Yes" or "No".

We Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here's What You Get...


1. One Time Offers on Autopilot

2. Custom Checkout Pages

With 1-Click Upsells you have full control over your marketing funnel.
Direct your customer to any page on your site after purchase. This is product specific. If someone buys Product A and takes Upsell B, you can show a unique "Thank You" page just for them. Your options are endless.

3. Use Video OR Text

This is huge! With 1-Click-Upsells you can send your customers to an upsell or downsell page that uses a video sales letter instead of text.
So if your upsell text page does not convert, maybe your downsell video will.
You never have to wonder how much revenue your upsells are generating.  Our 1-Click-Upsells plugin tracks it for you automagically!

4. Instant Reporting

5. Powerful Integrations

Our WooCurve plugin works with EVERY major payment processor. Your business won't have to slow down. 
You can set up your first funnel in no time and you don't have to worry about complicated programming. We've made it SUPER EASY for any kind of WooCommerce business to hit the ground .

Make 10% to 25% More Sales in LESS THAN 24 Hours



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“The Conversion Wizards helped us increase our WooCommerce average order value 21% by using 1-Click Upsells. Projected over a year, this is worth over $1 million. While there were a few hiccups and delays due to the complexity of our WordPress site, they worked around the clock and resolved them. Overall we are pleased with their work”


Chief Marketing Officer, Protalus

CASE STUDY:  "How We Grew Order Value by 21% and Sales by Over $1 million Using 1-Click Upsells"
Ever bought a burger at McDonalds? If you have, they likely asked “would you like fries with that?” or “Would you like to make it a ‘value meal’ by adding fries and a drink?”
The fries and value meals are known as ‘upsells’ and contribute about 70% of McDonalds profits! Think about it: Protein (the burger) is expensive but carbs (fries) and sugar water (soda) are cheap, yet are priced about the same as the burger. The burger is the ‘front-end offer’ used to get you in the door but more profit is made on the upsells.
Today, McDonalds is valued at $106 billion, in part, due to this strategy. They understand one crucial fact: The best time to sell a customer something is immediately after the initial purchase. An upsell is the easiest and most profitable sale you will ever make!


McDonalds is now a mega-successful corporation but it wasn’t always so. If you’ve seen the Ray Kroc movie (The Founder), you know that he struggled mightily in the early days, nearly going out of business several times and almost losing his house. 

He lost his wife but he found another (Joan Kroc) who was more supportive of his business!

New! How Most WooCommerce Store Owners Can Get an IMMEDIATE 10% to 25% Sales Increase In 2017...

In eCommerce, the best way to implement upsells is via an under-utilized feature known as ‘1-Click Upsell’.

It is so named because it let’s you present additional offers (upsells) to your customers that they can buy with just 1-click! i.e. After a customer pays for your first product, but before they get to the ‘Thank You’ page, they can buy additional products WITHOUT re-entering their credit card information.

The most amazing thing about the 1-Click Upsell is that it does NOT interfere with the initial purchase—you secure the initial sale and then you upsell, WITHOUT requiring re-entry of credit card information.


a. Standard Checkout Flow

Your Two Options for Increasing WooCommerce Sales via 1-Click-Upsells

1.  A Complete, 'Done for You' Package (with no money down)

2.  Do It Yourself

If you’ve read this far, you likely want to use 1-Click-Upsells to grow your sales. We would like to offer you these two options.
We will provide the software extension (plugin) for free and do all the work (offer selecion, landing page design, copywriting and A/B testing) for no money down. In exchange, we would get either:

a) Revenue share: a small percentage of the additional sales we generate

b) A flat fee that we negotiate in advance.

You decide between a) or b). In both cases, our fees will be paid from the 1-click-upsell revenue. This way, it is truly risk free for you. This option is best for those who either don’t have the time or the expertise. To get started, simply click the button below to schedule a free consultation:

If you have the time and expertise (or have a team) you could just buy the 1-Click Upsell plugin for $197 and do it yourself.  We provide premium support for 1 year and an iron-clad money back guarantee. If you prefer this option, scroll down to buy the plugin.
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We Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee





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Get this. At one point, he even offered to sell half of the business for $25,000 to raise money! But there were no takers! If you had taken this deal and held on, today you would be worth a whopping $53 billion!!! You would be the 5th richest person in the US, just behind Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder).

While your WooCommerce store is unlikely to become a multi-billion corporation, you can use the same strategy to get an IMMEDAITE sales boost of 10% to 25%. Stay with me and I’ll show you how….


The 2 Key Things You Need to Maximize Your WooCommerce '1-Click-Upsells'

There are two crucial things you need to increase your WooCommerce sales via ‘1-Click Upsells’:   


WooCommerce does not come with the '1-Click Upsell'  feature  and so you must use an ‘after market’ software extension (plugin). But if you’ve tried existing plugins, you know how difficult they are to use—they often require a ton of workarounds and rarely work with all payment methods.
Chances are, they are also not truly ‘1-Click Upsell’ i.e. works seamlessly and does NOT require the customer to re-enter credit card information or add the item to the shopping cart before the first sale.


You will be pleased to know that we recently released a plugin called WooCurve that is the only, truly 1-click-upsell plugin (we are aware of) that works with ALL payment methods and gateways. It is robust and so easy to use that even non-technical people can implement it in less than a day (on most Woocommerce stores).  Over 180 WooCommerce stores have used it successfully! See details and testimonials below.

1.  A Software extension (Plugin) for WooCommerce that is easy to use

2.  Research driven, field-tested  upsell templates

Along with the software plugin, you also need the expertise to design high converting upsell pages. This entails offer selection, landing page design and copywriting. And to maximize upsell revenue, you likely need to run a series of A/B tests, like we did in this case study.


Again, you will be delighted to know that our team can help with all of this for no money down (see details below). If you don’t have appropriate upsell products, we can negotiate partnerships with vendors who sell complimentary products.

Our expertise insures you get the most sales, while not pissing off customers! We all know sites that wring every last cent from their customers but end up destroying their reputation. You and I both know that, long term, your reputation with your customers matters more than any immediate sale.

If you are not using it you are leaving lots of  money on the table! Note that a true 1-click upsell is different from the  ‘people who bought this also bought that’ feature popularized by Amazon.com. While this feature can increase sales, it usually interferes with the initial purchase because you force the customer to make another decision before you secure the first sale.

The diagrams below illustrate 3 different checkout flows...


b. Amazon Style Checkout Flow: 5% -- 12% More Sales

c. True '1-Click-Upsell' Checkout Flow: 10% -- 25% More Sales

It Is NOT a "Those who bought this also bought that" offer....

Redmond, Washington (USA) based, Yinso manages a high quality software team in China that specializes in eCommerce projects. He was previously an associate partner at Accenture and the technical lead for the Seattle office.
During his tenure at Accenture, Yinso led several successful large scale software development projects at Microsoft. He attaind a BS in Mathematics at the University of Washington. Originally from Taiwan, Yinso moved to the USA when he was 12 and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

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