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Join us for a Live AMA (Ask Me Anything w/ Michael on Friday, September 22nd @ 10am PST (5pm GMT)

Live Video AMA w/ $1 Billion Y Combinator's CEO, Michael Seibel. Get Close & Personal...

Live Video AMA w/ $1 Billion Y Combinato's CEO, Michael Seibel: Get Close & Personal

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Interesting Facts About Michael

  • Co-founded Twitch, acquired by Amazon for $1 Billion, after 5 near-death experiences!
  • Founded Social Cam, which sold for $60 Million
  • Got kicked out of Yale for poor grades! But then came back and got all A's.
  • First job after college was on a US Senate political campaign

About Y Combinator

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  • Considered by many to be the preeminent startup accelerator, with companies valued in the tens of $ billions (including AirBnB, DropBox and Stripe)
  • Recently raised a $1 Billion funding round
  • Founded by tech entrepreneur and essayist Paul Graham in 2005, along w/ friends Jessica Livingston (now wife), Robert Morris and Trevor Blackwell
  • Funded over 1000 companies in 25 batches

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