2. The 'Law of Horrible Click Throughs'

  • Outside of Facebook CTRs (Click Through Rates) have dropped dangerously! 
  • The first banner ad in 1994 had a 78% CTR but today you are lucky if you get a 0.1%
  • This means that when buying media on a CPM basis, your effective Cost per Click will be higher and so will your CAC (Cost per Acquistion) making it harder to turn a profit!

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3. Decline in Email Click Through Rates

Declining email CTRs means it is harder to convert customers via follow up sequences and monetize your list.  Throw in Outlook's and Gmail's tabbed inbox feature and things get even worse--most promotional emails are never seen, let alone read!

4. Proliferation of Fake/Bot Traffic

The numbers are scary! Get this...

  • For every $3 spent on display ads, $1 is lost to click fraud. This means your Cost per Click is 33% higher than you thought! In fact, 6.5 billion was lost to fake clicks in 2017.
  • 2x Increase in smartphone click fraud in 2017. This is only likely to continue.
  • 1 out of 5 ad serving websites is visited almost exclusively by bots! If you buy display ads, you are likely losing another 10% of your budget.

The 5 Threats Facing WooCommerce Stores Today. How to Avoid Failure and Thrive in 2019

1. Dramatic Rise in Click Costs and Fierce Competition

The graph shows the rise in cost per click for  Facebook ads due to fierce competition among advertisers.

As you may be aware, it is  now harder than ever to turn a profit in eCommerce! Below are 5 of the major threats facing eCommerce marketers

With just a few clicks, your competitors can find out exactly what campaigns you are running. After you've toiled for months and spent lots of cash fine-tuning a campaign, it will be copied almost overnight! I guarantee it. Do you know how to make your business more defensible?

5. Free or Dirt Cheap Competitive Intelligence Tools

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As you can see, the five threats make it harder than ever to succeed as an eCommerce store. And while you cannot fully solve some of the problems discussed, you can avoid failure and get more eCommerce sales by converting more of the visitors you get. A high conversion rate is the real secret to major eCommerce success.

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