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Business as a Force for Good: Scholarships for Deserving Kids

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We make money by selling courses on sales/marketing and referring consulting gigs.

Inspired by the “B Corp” model, we then use 10% of our profits to award scholarships to bright, deserving kids in Kenya, in the names of the C&G contributors with the most points (karma) in the past month. 

Each scholarship is worth $150 and covers school fees for two years.


Jasper Kuria is the founder of Capital & Growth. He is also the Managing Partner of The Conversion Wizards, a consultancy that specializes in Conversion Rate Optimization. 

After his first startup failed due to lack of sales and marketing expertise, he realized that technical founders could benefit from a resource like Capital & Growth. He lives in Seattle but is originally from Kenya. He graduated from Yale University and holds a degree in Computer Science & Economics.

Most startups fail due to user acquisition issues.  Our goal is to increase your odds of success by helping with sales and marketing. To get started...

Upcoming Interviews: Michael Seibel (CEO, Y Combinator), David Cohen (Founder & Managing Director, Techstars) 

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